SUGAR – CONTROL – Dual Benefits of Fighting Sugary Calories and Regulating Insulin Level


Over-consumption of added sugars in processed food is a key factor in weight problem and development of type-2 diabetes. Excess sugar in our diets is converted into fats to be stored in our body. Cutting back on sugar in processed food and your favourite desserts is not easy. But what if there was another way to control body weight and blood sugar levels, a plan that involved controlling the body’s ability to absorb and utilize sugar?

Alpha-Wellness Sugar – Control is a proprietary formulation of L-arabinose and chromium picolinate, offering dual benefits in managing blood sugar level. L-arabinose derived from corn cob works by inhibiting the digestive enzyme sucrase, delaying the digestion and absorption of sucrose. This means that although there is an intake of sugar calories, L-arabinose prevents the sugar from being broken down so it won’t be turned into fat.

Like L-arabinose, chromium is a naturally occurring element needed in our body to regulate insulin so that blood sugar levels are balanced. This balance ensures that blood sugar is more often used for immediate energy by the body, rather than going into fat cells for storage. Chromium picolinate in Sugar – Control is the form of chromium with enhanced absorption and bioavailability.

Sugar – Control is manufactured in USA with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in place to ensure product wholesomeness and safety. Both L-arabinose and chromium picolinate in Sugar – Control attained Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) status by US FDA.

  • Reduces calorie absorption from sugary food
  • Effective blood glucose management
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Supports healthy and safe weight management
  1. Safely and Effectively Reduces Blood Glucose and Regulates Insulin Response

A clinical study were conducted with 50 healthy, non-diabetic adults (30F, 20M, aged 35-69). Subjects consumed placebo on Day 1 and Sugar – Control on Day 2 together with 150ml sugar solution (contain 70g sugar) after 12-h fasting on each day. Blood glucose level was measured at baseline, 30, 45, 60, and 90 minutes. Out of 50 subjects, 49 were selected for insulin test. (No. of subjects = 50)

The results showed that Sugar – Control significantly reduces 28% of glucose response and 26% of circulating insulin in blood. Additionally, no adverse effects were found after acute sucrose challenge or in those who consumed Sugar – Control daily for four weeks.


(Kaats, Gilbert R., et al. “A combination of l-arabinose and chromium lowers circulating glucose and insulin levels after an acute oral sucrose challenge.” Nutrition journal 10.1 (2011): 42.)


2. High Bioavailability of Chromium Picolinate

A study was conducted to investigate the acute absorption of various forms of chromium. A total of 12 healthy women, aged 19-22 years, were recruited to receive 200µg of Cr Chloride, Cr polynicotinate, Cr nicotinate-glycinate and Cr picolinate with meals (one-week washout between successive dosings). Urinary chromium was collected for 24h after Cr supplementation. (No. of subjects = 12 female)

Cr picolinate produced significantly higher 24 h urinary Cr than other Cr supplements. This difference was seen for absolute values of the urinary Cr and for percent increases. In conclusion, based on an indirect measure of acute absorption, Cr picolinate was superior to three other Cr complexes commonly sold as supplements.sugar-control-chart2

(DiSilvestro, Robert A., and Emily Dy. “Comparison of acute absorption of commercially available chromium supplements.” Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology 21.2 (2007): 120-124.)

3. Chromium Picolinate in Improving Insulin Response and Lipid Profile of Diabetic Patients

A clinical study was conducted to investigate the effects of Cr Picolinate on blood glucose and lipid levels in 78 elderly diabetic patients (average age = 73) for a period of three weeks. Subjects either received a placebo or 200 µg/day of chromium picolinate twice a day. (No. of subjects = 36 male, 42 female)

Chromium picolinate supplementation resulted in significant reduction in fasting blood glucose levels (-21%) and showed improvement in total cholesterol (-9.4%) and triglycerides level (-10%). No toxicity was observed.

(Rabinovitz, et al. “Effect of chromium supplementation on blood glucose and lipid levels in type 2 diabetes mellitus elderly patients.” International journal for vitamin and nutrition research 74.3 (2004): 178-182.)